2 in 1 Safe

A multipurpose storage unit that offers the security of a safe and the safety of a fire resisting filing cabinet in a single unit. The 2 in 1 safe is ideal for efficient space utilization in todays urban environment where storage space is a constraint.

Each drawer individually insulated- Ensures fire protection even if any drawer is left open.
  • Unique interlocking sytsem- For individual drawer access.
  • Polysole strip protection- Ensures external heat or gases dont enter inside the drawer in case of fire.
  • Superior Barrier Material- Offers high resisitance to burglary attacks
  • Drill resistant material-Vital parts of the safe are protected by dill resistant material

Product Specification

  • Valuable to protect Document, Cash
  • Type of resistance Fire, Burglary
  • Internal fittings Shelf